Portmanteaus upon which I call dibbs

(it's French.)

No, not the luggage!


Allyability: (a) An ally who is a liability. “With friends like these, who needs enemies?” Male feminists, privileged white antiracists, Me, etc. (b) The Ability of the Ally. The jury is still out on what, exactly, that means.

Verbalomit: (a) Verbal vomit, or (b) “verbal” + “omit.” A narcissistic and/or unoriginal stream-of-consciousness that has secretly been edited. Certain items in the stream have been omitted, in the author’s insecurity. Few authors are able to admit that they do this; none can truly say they don’t.* In the context of this blog, this term is also used loosely to describe posts whose propositional movement is one-dimensional, which break The Rules without having first learned said Rules, and/or are of dubious usefulness (such as: a post with unnecessarily hifalutin terms like “propositional movement” that the author actually just made up, or a post in which the author overindulges in self-depreciation).
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