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Good things happen. Take the Canadian province of Quebec, where student riots kicked out a government that tried to hike tuition. The new Québécois government canceled those hikes on its first day in power.


Other student activists, infamously pepper-sprayed by a campus cop of Meme stardom, have won a settlement from the University of California-Davis. It’s worth noting that pepper-spraying cop John Pike was fired in August, as well, but I haven’t been able to find anything about criminal charges.


You’ve probably heard about the Chicago Teachers’ strike, regarded even in corporate media as a success. Reasons for their success are argued by the Socialist Worker (under the paragraph beginning with “THE LESSONS of the Chicago teachers’ strike…”).

Decked out in red, saying things like “The Revolution Will Not be Privatized,” democratizing their decision-making, and happily linking to radical sites on their facebook page, the Chicago Teachers Union appears to be a union.

The contract still has a lot of concessions. Teacher evaluations are still being tied to standardized testing, albeit to a lesser degree. All the same, I figure if corporate education re[de]formers really lost this nationally-watched battle, there’s hope that we can beat back the tide of privatized education. And a big fight between Labor and a Democratic mayor (with ties to a Democratic president) might help dispel illusions about the Democrats being left-wing.

For icing on this educational cake: the pro-privatization screed masquerading as a Hollywood movie, “Won’t Back Down,” is bombing like Barack Obama’s drones. Take that, Philip Anschutz!


A further labor victory, of a kind anyway, was won by the NFL’s referees. I know you’ve heard about that, but perhaps you haven’t yet read radicaleft sportswriter Dave Zirin’s take.


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