Givers: Take.

(borrowed from the Facebook page of one Vasilis Safos)



No Some Rules.

Loose lips sink ships, but and I will not be silent.

-I am afraid, and I will show serve no fear.

-I have done and will do wrong. I will have serve no shame.


-I will fight for peace.

-“Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.” – El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, a.k.a. “Detroit Red,” a.k.a. Malcolm Little

-Rules are made to be broken: there is an exception to every rule. Rules are meant to be broken: “when everyone is a criminal, no one is free.” Rules are made to be broken, including the rule which states that rules are made to be broken.

-Will you tolerate intolerance? Will you be flexible under all circumstances? Do you take moderation to extremes? I insist with zealous fervor that you balance your Balance, and wisely ration your use of Reason. Remember that Compromise is only 3/5ths of a good idea.


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-There is no trick; you are already there; in poetry, there is Nothing to get.

-“All [mathematical] models are wrong, but some are useful.” – George E. P. Box

Opposing Proverbs

It’s painfully ironic when the politically ignorant talk about Balance and Moderation, making a hard-and-fast rule of the idea that hard-and-fast rules will lead you astray; simplistically calling “extremism” simplistic. Reflexive flexibility is so easily manipulated. Only with no some rules can we Succeed.

. . . there are problems with my own place within that conversation, the person I’ve agreed to be when I talk to you. That outraged, righteous, upright, know-it-all person who has compassion for all the right people and scorn for all the wrong ones, who’s on the right side (your side) of all the issues: I think she’s dangerous, and I think she’s at least partially false. The falseness is the root of the danger; problem with Internet Feminism, or any politics of identity, any system that purports to help you get your life and problems understood better, is when it sets up a too-easy, pre-packaged narrative for your own life. When it gives you the language, the rules for engaging and discussing, but doesn’t help you to look with any greater or more dangerous honesty at what you’re thinking, or how you’re acting, or who you are.

. . .

I mean, I’m talking about myself here. You get that, right?

-Sady of Tiger Beatdown, Dirty Girls and Bad Feminists: A Few Thoughts on “I Love Dick”


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