Usefully Simplified Caricatures for Demarginalizing Radical Politics

The Black Bloc at work.

“But these guys look like liberals! I’m confused.”


C: the media has a liberal bias

L: the media has a sensationalist bias

R: the media is neoliberal


C: White, Christian culture is threatened by multiculturalism

L: We need diversity, because people of diverse backgrounds can bring more to a school or business

R: Minorities are threatened with assimilation and destruction by white Amerikkka


C: End ethnic studies programs, because they are revolutionary

L: Don’t end ethnic studies programs, they’re not revolutionary

R: Keep ethnic studies programs because they’re revolutionary


C: the President is a liberal authoritarian corporatist elitist tyrant

L: the President is an intelligent, nuanced statesman and doing the best he can

R: the President is a neoliberal fascist bourgeois technocrat imperialist


C: the public school system indoctrinates our children with collectivist values

L: the public school system is a vital part of democracy

R: the public school system was created by industrialists so their workers would know how to read manuals and follow orders


C: my right to bear arms is a safeguard against tyranny

L: I dream of a world in which we’ve outgrown violence

R: defend yourself against state violence


C: Don’t rely on a nanny state, do it yourself

L: DIY is a great way to save money

R: Free yourself from the narcissism, destructiveness and onany of consumer culture; do it yourself


C: Terrorism is a credible, possibly existential threat that demands a military solution

L: Terrorism is a minor threat best handled by international law enforcement, and is used as a boogeyman to justify gutting civil liberties/feeding the military-industrial complex

R: “Terrorism” is another way of saying “resistance,” and is used as a boogeyman to justify state violence


C: Cities are ugly cesspits of corruption, decadence and sin

L: Cities are beautiful beacons of culture and life

R: Cities are hideous abominations of capitalism, apartheid, suffering and pollution


C: Liberal values are destroying the nuclear family. Hollywood and entertainment culture are especially guilty of spreading these values, wholeheartedly dismissing tradition that had problems but was there for a good reason.

L: Liberal values are not destroying the nuclear family. Not everyone has to live that way, and people should be free to structure their families however they want.

R: The nuclear family is patriarchal, and structuring our families that way also leads to social isolation. Liberal values are used to legitimize the destruction of indigenous communities, and hyper-individual consumer culture alienates us from each other. Hollywood and entertainment culture play a key role in perpetuating this.


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